Federation of identities

The RedIRIS federation of identities service manages the necessary elements for exchanging data that allow the digital identity of users to be established among all the affiliate institutions and service providers participating in SIR federation, at national and international level.

This service acts as a reference system that allows the identity data that participating institutions provide about their users (so users can access the many services in the network) to be sent in a way that is reliable and meets the most stringent privacy and standards. The user always retains ultimate control over which data is handed over and to whom.

With this service, users log in with their credentials to their home institution (an institution affiliated with RedIRIS and enabled as an “identity provider”). Once logged in, the data will be transmitted through the RedIRIS federation of identities service (SIR and SIR2), and users can access the Internet services provided by those “service providers” integrated in this federated digital identity system that accept that identification.

For example, users recognised as such by the institutions participating in federation of identities service, can access services such as the online portal of numerous scientific magazines, or software companies that offer free packages to university students.

This identity service is capable of interoperating with practically any identity management mechanism an institution may have, and can connect with service providers working with practically any of the access control mechanisms currently in use.

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Video about the RedIRIS´federation of identities service and the eduGAIN service: