RedIRIS organises various training courses to share knowledge about activities, services and national and international projects with the staff of affiliated institutions. Of particular interest are the GRID tutorials, training on security and specific courses on various services such as PASITO and PAPI.


3rd Eduroam Course (21/06/2011)

2nd Eduroam Course (20/10/2010), to provide information about new standards of eduroam.

PASITO Workshop [Plataforma de Análisis de Servicios de Telecomunicaciones - Platform for Analysis of Telecommunications Services] (19/02/09): co-ordination meeting between project participants.

1st Eduroam Course (18/02/09), to provide information on subjects related to web access services for mobile users provided by RedIRIS

NfSen Course (28/01/09), to identify and analyse security problems